DJ Clique is a part of the Youtube2Phone Network, one of the many awesome tools that we have to offer. With it, you are the Master DJ of your room aka "channel". Click play when you are ready and all your connected guests will play/watch at the exact same time allowing you to all watch videos/movies/trailers/documentaries, play music with anyone in the world whom you share your room with and watch/listen at the exact same time in sync; "listening parties" with live chat all via Youtube. Whether you are yearning to learn together, or merely for entertainment purposes, DJClique has your back!

Have multiple rooms in your house? Play your favourite Youtube content across all devices for FREE! (as long as you have internet access and a spare computer, any old laptop/desktop will do for as many "rooms" you choose; just invite yourself with your link). Turn on SHUFFLE + REPEAT and just let it play with yourself or others, this is the feature we prefer best.

Caveat: You must leave the DJ Clique window in the foreground (ie. if you switch tabs, or leave player somewhere else), or you won't hear the next song or sync. This is a limitation of Youtube and browsers.

Share and Discover new music, movies, TV shows with your friends and family has never been so fun!

Other use-cases, and not limited to:

- Businesses, synchronizing a promo feed on loop.
- Home, free surround sound, full clarity highs, mediums and lows.
- Be lazy with Mobile remote control, control from a distance connected to a LOUDER surround sound system.
- Listen to music together with friends from anywhere in the world in sync.
- Discover new music through public playlists and rooms.
- Set and forget playlist on shuffle+repeat while doing chores at home.
- Entertainment: allow multiple people to join virtual room in a physical space and enjoy together or by yourself.
- Tutoring/teaching/learning: listen/watch presentation/movies together.